Ludlow Streetscapes members are people who live, work or play in Ludlow, and volunteer their support and efforts to make our Village a more attractive place for everyone.  Our members have contributed their artistry and craftsmanship to our fundraisers, helped to organize and staff our events, coordinated our projects, planted trees and flowers, and collaborated with other Ludlow organizations in beautification activities.

Our 2015 Board of Directors:

President:  Patricia Greenwood
Secretary:  Jackie Hunt
Treasurer:  Maria Tomaselli
Directors:  Rosa Dononue, Jean Morrill, Liz Crowley, Bonnie Bercowetz, Will Nye
Director Emerita:  Cecilia McMillen

“At the end of life, what really matters
is not what we bought but what we built;
not what we got but what we shared;
not our competence but our character;
and not our success, but our significance.
Live a life that matters, Live a life of love.”
~Author Unknown

In memorial to Pat Nye who lived a life that mattered. She will always be in our hearts.

Ludlow Streetscapes is a registered 501(C)3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.