2009 Projects

The MillScape Has Been Completed!

Four free-standing lamp posts matching the ones at the two bridges were installed this year on Main Street in front of The Mill.  Underground wiring of the lamp posts, and seasonal decorative mini-lights on the lamp posts now enhance this section of Main Street, completing The MillScape.

The white lights on the luminaries continue the “Brighten up Ludlow” theme year round, and the posts also have arms to display summer and winter hanging baskets that match the ones on the bridges.

As we dedicate this project to Richard and Patricia Nye, we also acknowledge the ongoing support of the Ludlow municipal government, local businesses, Ludlow residents, second homeowners, anonymous donors, and friends for this and all our beautification projects.  With their help, we have been able to continue our efforts to fulfill our mission.

A special thanks is also due to all the Ludlow Garden Club members who help us plant and maintain the summer flowers in the village!

The 2009 Hoedown

Milking stools were featured for this fundraising event.  Painted and decorated by local artists, and sponsored by local organizations and individuals, these unique stools were part of the live auction at this event, which also included a barbeque contest, live music, dancing, and a silent auction.