2008 Projects

Village Beautification Continues

Proceeds from the 2007 Hoedown helped to fund our 2008 projects.

The eight lights and posts that were installed on the Walker and Vail Bridges are now beautifully adorned with 16 hanging baskets, which hold summer flowers and winter decorations.

The MillScape

The old asphalt sidewalks in front of The Mill were replaced with new cobblestone pavers, and permeable pavers were installed around our existing honey locust trees. The sidewalks were constructed to include underground wiring ready to provide electricity to the four new lamp posts that match the bridge lamp posts, to be installed next year.

Ludlow Streetscapes dedicated this project to Richard and Patricia Nye, who have been stalwart supporters of our efforts to make Ludlow a more attractive place to live, work and play.  Their efforts and dedication on behalf of the community led to the founding of our organization. They donated the six honey locust trees, and the cast iron guards that have protected them, in front of The Mill.  This planting, in 2001, was one of our first projects.

Welcome to Ludlow!

Solar panel lighting on the “Welcome to Ludlow” signs on Route 103 and Route 100 now makes the signs, so beautifully painted by Troy Adams, more visible to visitors.

A special thanks to all the Ludlow Garden Club Members for helping us plant and maintain the summer flowers in the Village!