2006 Projects

“Brighten Up Ludlow” Continues

Ludlow Streetscapes continued their efforts to improve the visibility and safety of the streets in the downtown area.

White lights with the 38 newly-acquired “Aurora” luminaries replaced the existing yellow lights on Main Street, Depot Street and High Street.  This greatly improves the visibility and safety for pedestrians as well as motorists.

See the Crias!

Over the summer, we welcomed the “Crias” of the Lludlow Llamas!  These baby llamas began to appear in the spring, and were sponsored by local businesses, organizations and individuals.  Painted and decorated by local artists, they were seen throughout the village as we prepared to hold the second Columbus Day Week-end Auction to raise funds for our beautification projects.

Enhancements to Welcome to Ludlow Sign

A new stone work planter was installed at the base of the 103 North “Welcome to Ludlow” sign. Summer flowers will be planted here to complement those in the bridge planters.