2005 Projects

“Brighten Up Ludlow” – New Lights on Main Street

Plans for new street lighting will be funded by the proceeds of the Llamas of Lludlow Auction in October 2004.

“Aurora” luminaries, designed by King Luminaire in Jefferson, Ohio, and spun concrete lamp posts made by the StressCrete Group in Ontario, Canada,  were the styles selected for the project. The “Dark Sky Friendly” guidelines and recommendations outlined on the Outdoor Lighting Manual for Vermont Municipalities and the New England Light Pollution Advisory Group informed our selection of these styles.

This lighting has the following characteristics:

– Safety:  meets all codes and ordinances for pedestrians and motorists

– Glare: minimizes glare

– Uplight: all light is directed downwards, no light trespass

– Design:  selected as the best choice by most members and friends of Streetscapes, as well as other local residents

– Cost and Maintenance:  best quote received, easy to maintain

– Power usage:  uses as few assemblies as is practicable

The new lighting will enhance visibility for cars and pedestrians, and “Brighten Up” the downtown area!

Our thanks to Frank Heald and Howard Barton Sr., as well as King Luminaire, through Mark Forant from Spec-Lines, for their advice and help in developing the plan.

Enhancing the Village’s Walkability

More benches, planters and trash containers have been placed around the village.