2004 Projects

Makeover of the Daniel Kesman Memorial Park

This downtown park, located at the corners of Main and Depot Streets, received a comprehensive upgrade!  The planters were refaced, and new plantings incorporated.  This project was financed with proceeds from Laugh Out Loud, the Vermont Properties-sponsored fundraiser held at Okemo Mountain on February, 2004.

Special thanks to Fritz Sears, Kevin Kuntz and Peter Crowley for their contributions of expertise and equipment and to the many volunteers from Streetscapes, Ludlow Garden Club, UVM Extension Master Gardeners, local residents and the Town Highway Department for their time, energy and support.

Thanks to a grant from the Ludlow Enterprise Fund, five trash receptacles, four benches and two bike racks of solid metal and steel construction were purchased and installed throughout the village.

The Llamas of Lludlow are Coming !

This summer, visitors and residents of the village found some new inhabitants:  The Llamas of Lludlow made their appearance all around town. They graced store entrances, porches and other select locations.  Sponsored by local businesses and painted by local artists, they provided an outdoor art show all summer long!

The Llamas were featured in a Columbus Day Week-end parade, accompanied by sponsors, artists and supporters.  They were the stars of the Columbus Day Auction to benefit the projects promoted by Ludlow Streetscapes as well as helping the formation of the Black River Artists Guild (BRAG).