2002 Projects

Enhancing the Kesman Memorial Part

The downtown park at the corner of Main and Depot Streets needed new plantings (annual & perennial) as well as trimming of shrubs and evergreens. Volunteers from the Garden Club and Streetscapes helped put this effort together.

Veterans’ Memorial Park

Thanks in part to a grant from the Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Program, which was matched with town funds, two red maple trees and three flowering crab apple trees were planted on June 21 with the help and support of Steve and Gretchen Macklin of Seamack Trees in Ludlow; of Keith Arlund, Town Manager, and many Ludlow Streetscapes members.

New Planters for Town Hall

Thanks to the help of Bill Tucker, a local carpenter, we had two flower boxes and step planters made of cedar created for the front of Town Hall.  Thanks also to Patty Hunt for planting these four boxes.