2004 Here Come the Llamas of Lludlow

In 2004, Ludlow Streetscapes, Inc. held its first Fund Raising event.  Local artists, businesses and friends of Streetscapes collaborated in transforming the herd of unpainted fiberglass Llamas into beautiful pieces of art that were featured in a summer-long public art show all over town.

The llamas were auctioned in an event that drew full and part time Ludlow residents, and many visitors from near and far. They were assembled at the Veterans Memorial Park on the Columbus Day week-end, and they paraded down Main Street to the Auction site.

The auction was held in a tent in the Village, set up behind the Pot Belly restaurant, and the proceeds allowed Streetscapes to design and fund the installation of new and vastly improved lighting in downtown Ludlow.

The support of local businesses, organizations and individual donors for this event was extraordinary, and we are profoundly grateful to them and to the artists who created these beautiful and unique objects.  Without their help, this would not have been possible!