Ludlow renews itself Downtown continues spruce up campaign

July 20, 2007, By Gordon Dritschilo Herald Staff

LUDLOW — A local organization plans to continue lighting up the downtown area.

Ludlow Streetscapes, an organization responsible for a number of local beautification projects in recent years, is completing an effort to replace the lights along Main Street and is looking forward to adding more.

“On the north side of Main Street, there are no lights,” group treasurer Liz Crowley said. “Pending a federal grant to the town, the sidewalks will be redone. Our plan is to coordinate with the town, run an underground conduit and put up poles and fixtures. The fixtures are the attractive green metal ones to match what we did on the south side of the street.”

The group already paid, with money it raised privately, to replace existing street lights with new ones using white metal halide bulbs, which lighting committee member Rosa Donohue said are of a higher quality than the typical yellow street light bulbs.

“The white lights give a better color to things at night — snow, for instance,” she said. “It looks yellowish-orange under a yellow light. With white lights is looks like snow. Most people like the white lights.”

Donohue said the bell-shaped lamps also cut down on light pollution while directing more light at the ground.

“It’s much better now for pedestrians; it’s safer,” she said. “We had someone who told us you can even read at night there.”

The group is also putting up new lamps on Main Street’s bridges, a process Donohue said is almost complete.

The group’s most famous fund-raisers have involved auctioning off painted llama statues, a tradition Crowley said will continue this year along with the addition of tabletop-sized farm animal figurines.

The group is also planning a “Hoedown” at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 7 at the Round House at Jackson Gore. Crowley said the event, which costs $45, includes a full barbecue dinner and a performance by the Turkey Mountain Window Smashers.

“We’re having a silent auction of unique Vermont experiences,” she said. “The goal is to reinforce continued visits to our town and region.”

Experiences up for auction include an 18-hole round of golf with PGA of America vice president Jim Remy, a day of hunting elk and boar at Corbin Park, an exclusive New Hampshire game preserve and a snowshoe tour with a catered dinner.

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